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Crestwood Animal Clinic Diagnostic Services

Laboratory and X-Rays for Pets

Diagnostic Services For Your Pet

At Crestwood Animal Clinic, we are serious about early detection of disease so we may begin the best treatment plan for your pet.  If your pet is sick, getting test results quickly is important.  We utilize advanced technology to help diagnose your pet’s medical issues, including:

Our in house laboratory can perform a complete blood analysis by our state of the art blood analyzer.  We can process a fecal for parasites, urinalysis, cytology examination of ear, skin, urine and blood specimens and fungal cultures. We use the services of an outside laboratory for further diagnostic tests.

X-Rays (Radiology) are useful to assess bone and joint abnormalities and injuries.  They also detect the presence of foreign material inside the body, and are used to screen for abnormalities in the heart, lungs, and urinary and digestive organs.  X-rays typically do not require any form of sedation.

ECG and blood pressure monitoring helps detect hypertension, and to evaluate and stabilize critically ill pets, provides a baseline reading during comprehensive physical exams for older or sick pets, and is used to assess pets’ condition while under anesthesia.

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